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the youtube secrets

YouTube Channel Development

Understanding the target audience and market analysis...

Channel Strategy Planning

Defining the channel's identity and target content...

Preparation and Production

Video editing, adding animations, and visual effects...

Titles, Descriptions, Keywords

Best practices for selecting appropriate titles and descriptions....

Promotion and Marketing

Partnerships and collaborations with influencers and other channels...

Monetizing the Channe

YouTube partnership programs and advertising.

How do you make YouTube's algorithms suggest videos to big audience?

The youtube ai

A Deep Learning Machine

YouTube collects 80 billion data points from user behavior every
single day. They gather data in two key areas in order to achieve the goals of the AI. The first area it observes is user behavior via meta data. It determines things about a video based on the behavior of theperson whose eyes are on the screen and whose fingers are doing theclicking. “Satisfaction signals” train the AI what to suggest or not…

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the youtube secrets


 In The YouTube Secrets: How you Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue, the owner of the largest YouTube how-to channel provides the secrets to getting the results that every YouTube creator and strategist wants

The way you need to grow your channel

Gathering and Using Data

There is a very specific list of these signals:
• Which videos a user watches
• Which videos they skip
• Time they spend watching
• Likes and dislikes
• “Not interested” feedback
• Surveys after watching a video

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